ah ha! I feel the same about harry's account. I feel he's done something to keep them out it.

Yep. For the most part anyway. It’s not like there hasnt been any suspicious activity on his account before. But I feel like he’s got more control over it than the rest of the boys. Just look at all the lyric tweets and shade he throws with it.

Anon: Two of my best friends are dating and they’re so cute and I just want them to tell everyone, but one of them isn’t as open about being a lesbian and I feel bad :( but I love them how can I support them without letting on to others that they’re more than friends?

That’s nice that you want to support them, but you do know that it isn’t your news to tell. If your friend isn’t ready yet, that’s her decision. You can just be there for them. To talk and listen. It really matters that they know you support them. Doesn’t mean you have to let others know, right? Not until they’re ready to share it.

Anon: Lol Niall is the wild one… oh how the tables have turned

Indeed they have ;)

Anon: Have you noticed we got interviews from all the boys at least once some more during the Iheart festival. But harry wasnt in any. Isn’t that kind of weird?

Very strange. In his defense he was pretty sick I think. But he’s been missing several interviews lately…not that they do a lot to even begin with. Like the Road to iHeart one where we got 4/5. Between him being sick and also throwing shade, I think they’re learning to just leave him alone sometimes. Being on Harry’s bad side is a not where you want to be I imagine.

Anon I wonder when the guys start singing ‘steal my girl’ on tour if Louis will look to the sky and mouth ‘please, god, steal her… I’ll do anything. I’ll even throw in a cake store loyalty card, three pairs of Toms and a lifetime voucher for free drinks at Starbucks.’

HAHAAA PROBABLY. Steal her. Somebody. Please I’m begging you

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So I’ve done some digging…

Louis confirms that he and Liam wrote on Steal My Girl in THIS interview (around 30 seconds). (thanks atinydotonthewaves )

And the first place we heard about them writing it was from Billboard (thanks bromanceshmomance)

And the

21.9 || san antonio, tx

21.9, san antonio

I'm all about Harry sitting there giggling as he makes a new password every other day. Of course Louis is sitting there with him suggesting filthier and filthier things so that when the interns get the new password they blush really hard and once again know too much about their sex lives. I need a one shot of this


possible PW suggestions: 3fingersdeep696969, rim_m3_all_dAy, jizzAllover, daaaaaaaaaaaaaddy

Meet and Greet (9/21/14)


Let’s be honest, the real version is Steal Your Baby and in it Louis harmonizes beautifully about kidnapping (with love) babies and giving them to Harry.


So, this was just pointed out to me by blueloulou2. Officially on ASCAP, Liam and Louis are not listed as writers on “Steal My Girl”. Now obviously this doesn’t prove that they didn’t write on it, but given the shade they’re throwing, I find this very interesting and odd. 

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Oh Evan but Louis /did/ say that can you believe it??!??!!? so crazy


why can’t he take questions about ‘steal my girl’ seriously? why does he always turn questions or anything in relation to girls into something complex and laughable? did you see his reaction when the interviewer touched his shoulder?

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