What the fuck is this though, seriously. This looks like the DVD cover for a gay teen romantic comedy, like Cruel Intentions but wacky instead of moody and tragic. Bad boy Zayn makes a bet with his on-and-off bf Louis that he can sleep with uptight virgin Liam on prom night, only then he falls in LOVE while tenderly fingerbanging Liam on the back of his motorcycle, so he tells Louis he lost the bet, but Liam finds out about it just before they’re crowned Prom Kings and he yells at Zayn in front of the whole school like I WAS JUST A BET TO YOU??? I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!!! and zayn runs after him in the rain but Liam won’t forgive him and then Zayn writes a poem about it and reads it aloud in English class and cries.


Love is the fanciest candle.








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You know the funny part of Julian's tweet? A fan sent him a screenshot of the first page of google images when you look up anchor and rope, or just anchor(which is amazing) because the first page is full of tattoos only! The whole anchor with the rope around it design! I was laughing so hard because his response was the, I didn't know you were talking about tattoos tweet!

lmao I KNOW. If you just look up “anchor” that’s literally what comes up. Images of anchors, most of which have ropes. And then he backtracked with “i meant a real pic tho. not a drawing” “however, I didn’t know you were talking about tattoos.” That was probably the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen and he reached so high he was tripping over himself trying to justify his point. And in the end he kind of confirmed the underlying meaning of that argument by saying that it’s different in the context of tattoos. He’s such a troll. Loves to rile up the fans. But when he’s bored, I think he should probably stay off twitter…

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