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Since I’m on a roll with the exif data thing, I decided to tack in something we all find hilarious but is always fun to dig up: HAYLOR.

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louiswpayne’s 2.5k follow forever

i’ve been wanting to do a follow forever for the longest time now, but i didn’t want to just randomly make it? so i waited until i was able to hit some kind of milestone with my blog and that’s 2.5k+ followers! there are a lot of people within the One Direction fandom that i think you guys should definitely all be following! these people are all amazing in their own right and all bring something different to my dashboard each day! be it gifs, edits, hilarious textposts, timelines and analyses on LouisandHarry or educational textposts (because if i spend the amount of time on here that i do, i might as well be learning something!) on issues that have come up within the One Direction and/or LouisandHarry fandom! so, let’s get this list going (in alphabetical order):

16meets18 - anchoredlou (aka Esther) - appreciatelouis - bestivals - blamestyles - bromanceshmomance (aka Lisa) - bulletproofhalo (aka Kati) - comehomelouis - daysundercover (aka Daylet) - evancl (aka Evan) - halfsleeper - hsoneandonly (aka Yasmin) - inpayne - justkindahappened - kryptoniall - lapelosa (aka Angela) - leeyummaliks (aka Nicole) - legohousedea (aka Dea) liloury (aka Maddie) - louisalert (aka Amanda) - lovestylinsons (aka Sandra) - mr-styles - nananarry -niallnotofficial - ohthefond (aka Ashley) - playboyliam (aka Agu) - quitespecial - somethingxgreat - sslarrysettingsail - stagtattoo (aka Audrey) - stylinnuendo (aka Roxy) - teapotpourri (aka Chris) - tommosloueh (aka Nic) - usa-nglophile (aka Erin) - violettewednesday - whatiwishicould (aka Dani) - yelchin - youcancallmeathief (aka Megan) - yourloveisfate - zayncangetsome - zaynrocksmyworld (aka Jasmin)

hey what happened in Cardiff? I watched a video in your Cardiff tag and I don't understand anything :/

All the boys went to a club. A blonde girl tried dancing all up on Harry and Louis looked like he unleashed his inner demon.

Anon: is this your main blog?

yea. well i have a few but i use this one the most

Anon: I just read your gavideos tag as GAYvideos oops XD

I can see the confusion there lol

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shelbymmorgan: Congrats again bro! Love you both so much! #1DProposal Emma Claire, you don’t know how lucky you are!! at The Georgia Dome


Matt Bellassai ladies & gentlemen :)

I hope that one day Harry & Louis will be able to express their love without any judgement that goes for everybody in that type of situation I just wish that one day people will be accepting of others regardless of race & sexuality

I hope so too, anon. I really do <3

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