Anonymous: Omg dude I was louis so chatty in the interview and why was harry not there? I watched it but I don't get it

The official story is that he was too sick to do it. But I call bullshit. That was the same day he did that perfume promo and other than the top level shade and snark from him he seemed perfectly fine. Even if he was sick they would’ve made him sit for just five minutes and do that iHeart Radio interview. I think he had everybody running scared that day.

Anon: Was there no ice bucket challenge?! D:

No :( I don’t want to talk about it. I got my hopes up.



Wherever Louis was with Harry that night, he called it home, and now I want to fling myself off a cliff.

Anonymous: where is the proof of louis/harry being in the bahamas... or the information leading everyone to believe they are??


a pilot recognized harry and told a girl and everyone was convinced Harry was going there then we got a pic of louis (in white)

and a source that i trust had told me louis was jetting off there before the picture of him even came out so i personally am 100% convinced Louis is there and Harry is MIA sooooooo